Rebuild Ukraine Business Conference

On November 23rd, 2022 Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Business Council of Canada, CEO Club Ukraine, Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, UkraineInvest, Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine and Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine hosted a Rebuild Ukraine Business Conference at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto. 

Over 300 participants from Canadian and Ukrainian Businesses, Government and Financial Institutions attended the conference aimed at showcasing opportunities and tools for Canadian Businesses and Investors to be a part of the historic rebuilding of new and modern Ukraine.

President of CUCC Zenon Potichny and President and CEO of Business Council of Canada Goldy Hyder opened the conference with call for “21st century Marshall Plan”, importance of Canadian businesses being involved in the rebuilding of Ukraine and helping Ukraine on third (economic) front.

During the opening of the conference Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Canada Chrystia Freeland presented “Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds”, which allows individual Canadians to underwrite, in $100 increments, a loan of up to $500 million from Ottawa to Kyiv via the International Monetary Fund.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal thanked Government of Canada for all the support for Ukraine and emphasized that the process of rebuilding of Ukraine must start now and the first to invest in Ukraine will benefit the most in future.

Over 50 speakers from Ukraine, Canada and the U.S. presented their expertise, success stories and vision for rebuilding of Ukraine. Among them were Deputy Minister of Finance Tetyana Berezhna, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Larisa Galadza, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Yuliya Kovaliv, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade Arif Virani, Secretary the Office of National Investment Council of Ukraine Halyna Yanchenko, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Ukraine Dmytro Natalukha, CEO of UkraineInvest Sergiy Tsivkach and CEO of Horizon Capital Lenna Koszarny.

Full agenda, speaker biographies and investment projects presented can be found on Rebuild Ukraine Business Conference Digital Tool.

We would like to thank our sponsors for helping CUCC make this event possible: PwC CanadaFasken, Temerty Foundation, Fairfax Financial Holdings LimitedBCU Financial GroupUkrainian Credit Union LimitedHorizon CapitalCIBCNorthland Power Inc.Black Iron Inc. (TSX: BKI; OTC: BKIRF; FRANKFURT: BIN) ,Meest CanadaTIU CanadaMultiplexRoshel Smart Armored VehiclesGeneral Dynamics Land Systems–CanadaMaritime Launch ServicesDesjardinsBusiness Council of CanadaUkrainian World Congress – Свiтовий Конґрес УкраїнцівCanada-Ukraine Foundation

Innovation and Technology Committee within CUCC

We are happy to announce the Innovation and Technology Committee launch within CUCC to foster innovation and advocate for sustainable, value-add and transparent business relationships within the innovation ecosystem in Canada and Ukraine. Our goal is to enable knowledge sharing on investment attraction, unlock intellectual and human capital potential, promote digital leaders’ education opportunities, and enhance relationship building through various B2B and B2G events. Please welcome our executive members – Yana Lukasheh at SAP Canada, Pavlo Kartashov at Ukrainian Startup Fund, Chrystia Chudczak at Decidium, Dmytro Malyk from ELEKS and Orest Furhala at N-iX

Stay tuned for exciting news and our presentation at the upcoming Rebuild Ukraine Conference in November.

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If you’re interested to learn more or inquire about potential membership, please reach out to

CUCC cooperation with CEO and signing of the Memorandum of the Coalition of Business Communities for the Modernization of Ukraine

Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce became the first bilateral business association to sign the Memorandum of the Coalition of Business Communities of Ukraine, initiated by CEO Club Ukraine, the Board business community, SUP and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The memorandum outlines the general economic vision for the development of post-war Ukraine and the basic principles of future economic policy. Nearly hundred national, regional and industry associations and communities have joined the signing of the Memorandum.

“CUCC is honored to be the first international organization to join such a powerful and important alliance of Ukrainian businesses, associations and real business leaders. The Joint Memorandum is only the first step on the way of creating new transparent rules of the game, creating reliable institutions and strengthening the role of reputable business in the reconstruction of Ukraine. We believe now is the time to come together and act for real change!” – Yuriy Kryvosheya, Board Member at CUCC and member of CEO Club Ukraine. 

CUCC is currently working on a number of initiatives to support Ukrainian people, business and economy, including: finding jobs for Ukrainian specialists affected by the war, supporting business relocation, and helping with finding partners and suppliers in Canada. CUCC created the Rebuild Ukraine Committee, which includes members of the CUCC Board of Directors and participants with experience in the energy, agriculture, construction and infrastructure, and IT sectors. 

In addition, СUCC will be hosting the first business forum in Canada dedicated to the topic of rebuilding of Ukraine. The Rebuild Ukraine Forum will be held in Toronto on November 23, 2022 and will bring together Canadian and Ukrainian business representatives, investors and members of both governments. Among the strategic partners of the forum: the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Business Council of Canada, CEO Club Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine.

“I am sure that strong international events, such as the Rebuild Ukraine Business Conference in Toronto, are able not only to strengthen the brand of Ukraine in the world and demonstrate to the whole world our readiness to fight and undeniable confidence in the victory of Ukraine, but also to improve and revitalize the Ukrainian business environment, attracting new partners and investors to the rebuilding and development of Ukraine” – Serhiy Haydaychuk, Founder and President of CEO Club Ukraine. 

CEO Club Ukraine is a private intellectual club that during the last 10 years has been uniting business leaders for development, communication, and cooperation. The members of the club are 200+ CEOs and entrepreneurs with a positive business reputation. Among the club members there are executives from CISCO, EY, Yakaboo, Baker&McKenzie, DB Schenker, Origin Holdings Ukraine, Ajax Systems, MacPaw, Hörmann UA, Electrolux, Readdle, Vodafone Ukraine, Innovecs, Brown Forman Ukraine, Galileo Technologies, Intellias, ТIC.

New Member – DECIDIUM


CUCC is excited to welcome DECIDIUM as our newest member.

DECIDIUM is a diverse global human centric design studio based in Canada.

They create unparalleled problem-solving experiences for people. Empathy, trust & authenticity guide us. And they speak truth to your power.

Their services include PopUp Design experiences & talks, working with the c-suite to create problem solving experiences using human-centered design, including LEGO Serious Play, and designing human-centered labs for organizations.

Their work is custom, client-centered and collaborative.

DECIDIUM partners with design, technology and communications founders around the world.

Their goal is to make sense out of crisis, chaos & culture. And they want to transform our evolving world through design.

You can find DECIDIUM story here:

Rebuild Ukraine with the Private Sector: International Investment Fair

In order to present existing opportunities and draw attention of the international business community, UkraineInvest is organizing an international forum with the participation of leading business representatives and expert environment of Ukraine and the world.

The need to rebuild Ukraine creates a variety of attractive investment projects aimed at contributing to shaping a new economy of a free European country. Implementation of such projects will become an integral part of the recovery plan, its driving force in the development of entrepreneurship, and the involvement of Ukrainian businesses in regional and global supply chains. Annual private investment projects aimed at reconstructing Ukraine worth dozens of billions of US dollars is a vivid opportunity that requires thoughtful preparation and quality implementation.

Taking into consideration the need for unique mechanisms to stimulate investments in this difficult period, the organizers will begin the event with a discussion of the possibilities of insurance for private investments and other important topics for investors. We invite everyone to join the forum online.

Organizer: UkraineInvest

Format: Online Event with simultaneous Ukr-Eng and Eng-Ukr translation.

Date: September 29, 2022


More details read on web-site UkraineInvest:

Ukraine: Land of the Brave – Celebration of Independence of Ukraine

On August 24th, 2022 CUCC President Zenon Potichny, Vice-President John Iwaniura and Board Members Markiyan Markevych and Markiyan Vytvytskyy were honored to attend an exclusive preview of Ukraine: Land of the Brave exhibit on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine hosted by Lighthouse Immersive Inc.

Ukraine: Land of the Brave was created by The Theatrical Charitable Foundation Ukrainian Studio RocknLight. An entirely Ukrainian based creative team, joined together to develop a new multimedia exhibit that uses the full power of immersion to convey real-life and emotional information about Russia’s violence to the international community. The guests experience a completely immersive 360-degree show that includes videos, photos, and interviews with everyday Ukrainians who are protecting their land. The exhibit features footage captured by journalists and photographers at the front lines such as Sergey Loiko and Dmytro Kozatsky, as well as materials from leading Ukrainian TV channels.

We would like to thank Embassy of Ukraine in Canada and Ambassador Yuliya Kovaliv for invitation and for organization of such wonderful event to celebrate the Independence of Ukraine.

Happy Independence Day to Ukraine!

Happy Independence Day to Ukraine!

This year, this day has a special meaning. We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for fighting for the independence of our state, we thank every Ukrainian for fighting on their own front, we thank the world for supporting us.

Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation between the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Ukrainian Banks

On August 10th, 2022 President of Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce Zenon Potichny and President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Andriy Dubas signed a Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation in order to join forces to assist the banks of Canada and Ukraine in the development of business relationships, search for business partners, and exchange of professional experience.

The main objectives of cooperation are:

  • Creating a positive image of the Canadian-Ukrainian cooperation and increasing public confidence in it
  • Exchange of current economic, financial and information, laws and regulations
  • Analysis of the financial legislation and proposals on its improvement in accordance with international standards
  • Creation of an information field for an effective exchange of analytical and reference data
  • Determining the urgent issues for the banking system and organizing activities aimed at addressing them
  • Organizing exchange of professional experience, including training and personnel

Achievement of objectives and cooperation will be carried out by maintaining partnership relations, sharing experiences, exchanging information and conducting joint activities and events.


Memorandum - CUCC and Association of Ukrainian Banks

CUCC and Spend With Ukraine Partnership

Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce its partnership with Spend With Ukraine.

Spend With Ukraine –  is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting Ukrainian products and services globally. They curate a web platform with a list of 190+ Ukrainian-rooted businesses.  

The mission of this initiative is to support the Ukrainian economy by promoting world-class Ukrainian products and services worldwide and helping them find customers.
Spend with Ukraine to Stand with Ukraine.   

On, you can find a catalog of Ukrainian businesses operating in the international market, from tech unicorns to artisan brands.  All companies are divided into the following categories: gadgets, fashion, productivity, education, creativity, lifestyle, home and accessories, services, and agencies. Remarkably, you can discover well-known brands such as MacPaw, Bevza, Petcube, Grammarly, Reface, Preply, Delfast, Awesomic, Gunia Project, Banda, and many other prospective companies with Ukrainian roots. 

Spend With Ukraine initiators believe that the combination of culture and commerce these creative brands represent is a powerful way of providing a distinctive image of Ukraine. 

The project was featured on Inc., BBC, The Guardian, CNN, WWD, and many other local media, as well as it was endorsed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

CUCC  is committed to promoting Spend With Ukraine initiative in Canada and helping companies on this platform to expand into Canadian market.

Spend With Ukraine Video  Spend with Ukraine – YouTube


Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine

High-level politicians and business leaders from 77 countries gathered to discuss global
supply chains, trade, and investment, at the Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine
The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine was held in Istanbul, Turkey on the 21st and
22nd July 2022. The Forum was defined by interactions between key governmental and industry
decision-makers to come up with new areas for cooperation needed to resolve the challenges
faced by the global community due to Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine; and spark new
partnerships and ideas needed to improve the state of the world.

Ukrainian governmental speakers at the forum included the Hon. Dmytro Natalukha, Chairman of
the Economic Affairs Parliamentary Committee, Member of Parliament of Ukraine; the Hon.
Yelyzaveta Yasko, Head of Interparliamentary Cooperation, Bilateral and Multilateral Relations
Committee on Foreign Affairs & Interparliamentary Cooperation, Member of Parliament of Ukraine;
and the Hon. Halyna Yanchenko, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine and Secretary of the
National Investment Council of Ukraine.

International support and solidarity for Ukraine was also shown by top level international governmental speakers who were in attendance, including the Hon. Jovana Marović, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of European Affairs of Montenegro; the Hon. Andres Sutt, Member of Parliament of Estonia and former Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications; Zaiga Liepina, Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Economics of Latvia; and the Hon. Davor Bosnjak, Head of Cabinet, Ministry ofCivil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina; among many others.

This intergovernmental forum stood as a working-level counterpoint to the Ukrainian-Russian grain
negotiations held in Istanbul on the same date. The forum focused on bringing together high-level
political, public sector, and business leaders from Fortune 500 companies from across the globe to
look at rebuilding Ukraine, discuss investment and trade opportunities, address the challenges to
regional and global supply chains, and work to ensure economic continuity for Ukraine and its trade
partners through new cooperation channels and agreements.

The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine was conducted in a combined offline and online format, with more than 16,000 live-streaming attendees, alongside international media in attendance and sharing the events of the Forum to their international viewership in more than 100markets.

The Forum’s participants engaged in multilateral meetings with various thematic priorities including export and import, economic rebalancing, global cooperation, resolving supply-chain challenges (including inputs into industrial value chains), developing new trade routes, food security, risks and resilience, innovation and governance.

The event was organized by the International Trade Council (‘ITC’), with government partners represented by the National Investment Council of Ukraine and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, alongside 11 Ukrainian industry chambers and associations; including the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Together these chambers and associations represent approximately 95% of the Ukrainian business community.

From CUCC, Executive Director Emma Turos and Board Member Yuriy Kryvosheya participated in the panel discussions, during which emphasis was put on investments in local production to support the livelihood of communities and recycling.

The agenda of the forum can be found here.
The online broadcast of the forum can be viewed for day 1 here and for day 2 here.

Thank you to John Denton, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce for the award.

We would like to thank our partners and organizers of the event for their hospitality and excellent organization of the event: TUID, International Trade Council, Verhovna Rada, Burak Pehlivan, Sevki Acuner, ICBAC, USUBC, Gennadiy Chizhikov, Alfred Praus, EBA, Aliance, Ukraine Invest, Ukrainian Logistic Alliance, Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, Ukrainian-Austrain Association (UAA), CCI.