Member News: N-iX Achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status

N-iX, a leading software development provider, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN). It is the second-highest tier for AWS Consulting Partners, and N-iX has become one of only 9 Ukraine-based companies that obtained this accreditation. Also, out of over 9,000 AWS partners worldwide, only 13% have been able to receive the Advanced or Premier Consulting tier.

“N-iX partnered with AWS early in 2020 and has since solidified its position in AWS Partner Network, moving up several tiers in just one year. During this time, we have invested a lot into presenting our work to AWS, validating the quality of services, providing training, and motivating our engineers to get certified. Having all this recognized by AWS and reaching the important milestone of Advanced Tier demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering business value and driving customer success together with AWS,” comments Orest Furhala, Head of Partnerships at N-iX.

To reach the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status, companies have to undergo a rigorous approval process and demonstrate extensive technological expertise, proven customer success within the AWS ecosystem as well as training and certification of the company’s specialists. This accreditation allows N-iX to work more closely with AWS, ensuring the company continues to develop its expertise and deliver high-quality AWS solutions.

“N-iX is honoured to be recognized by AWS as an Advanced Consulting Partner,” said Nazariy Zhovtanetskyy, Chief Strategy Officer at N-iX. “This achievement reflects the experience and value our experts bring for each of our customers. A lot of our partners, including Gogo, Currencycloud, Lebara, TuneIn, and others have already enjoyed the benefits of AWS, such as reduced costs, increased security, better flexibility, faster time to market, to name a few. So, we are determined to grow further our cloud expertise to help our clients drive maximum value from their cloud investments.”

Partner Event – MIPIM “The growing role of alternative and responsible investments”

On March 10th Ukraine at MIPIM will host the first online meeting on the growing role of alternative, responsible, and impact investments in a post-COVID future involving international real estate players

As part of the preparation for MIPIM, the international property investment exhibition taking place annually in Cannes, Ukrainian representatives will host the first online meeting on March 10th.  The main topic of the event is the growing role of alternative and responsible investments.

The online discussion aimed to answer the following questions:

  • Which asset classes are in the focus of investors after the pandemic?
  • What are the investment moods in the world — challenges, opportunities, transformation for the countries and cities?
  • What is the role of responsible investments in real estate today?
  • How will projects, cities, and countries compete for investors?


  • Mathieu de Bruin, Managing Partner at Portico Investments (Netherlands)
  • Aida Feriz, Executive Director at Wimmer Family Office (Great Britain)
  • Yuriy Fyliuk, CEO at Promprylad.Renovation (Ukraine)
  • Wolfgang Gomernik, CEO at DELTA Ukraine (Ukraine/Austria)


  • Yuriy Kryvosheya, President and Managing Director at Toronto-Kyiv 
  • Anna Nestulia, Principal at Invest in Projects | STRIX. 

The main language of the event is English

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Ukraine-Canada Opportunities information session


We would like to invite you to the online information session “Ukraine-Canada Opportunities”, organized by CUCC in partnership with the Province of Manitoba, Canada and WTC Winnipeg, that will take place on March 03, 2021, at 18.00 CET (10 AM CST). This event is addressed first of all at the Canadian business but may be of interest for Ukrainian entrepreneurs as well. Speakers are the representatives of Ukrainian Embassy in Canada and the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, AGI, UkraineInvest and the CUCC team. To find out more, click the link

We would like to take this opportunity and announce the next online event with the Province of Manitoba, which is aimed at Ukrainian businesses and will take place at the beginning of April. More details on this event will follow.

How to export to Canada – educational video series

If you are looking to grow your business through exporting, think about Canada. Each year, Canada imports over 500 billion dollars of goods and services, including from Ukraine. Small, medium, and large businesses all have the opportunity to export to Canada but need to understand the basics. These 10 videos provide the information and tools you need to ensure that your company can successfully enter the Canadian market.

The 2017 Canada–Ukraine free trade agreement (CUFTA) eliminated import duties on 98 per cent of goods exported from Ukraine to Canada. This video explains the reasons why doing business in Canada should appeal to both new and established Ukrainian exporters.
There are many opportunities for a Ukrainian company to export to Canada. However there are several steps that must be taken to ensure that your company is ready to export. This video can help you determine whether your firm has the capacity and resources to expand internationally.
Market research is the key to identifying the opportunities Canada offers and the challenges you may face. This video outlines the information you need to collect to gain insight into Canadian consumer preferences and to understand your competitors and the products they offer. The video offers links to data sources to help you conduct your market research.
If you are considering exporting to Canada, you will need to develop an export strategy that sets out your goals for exporting to the Canadian market and the actions you need to take. The information in this video will guide you step-by-step through that process.
The elimination of most duties on Ukrainian goods exported to Canada under the Canada–Ukraine free trade agreement (CUFTA) makes your products more competitive. This video walks you through the steps to determine whether your product can enter Canada duty-free.
To enter Canada duty-free, exported goods must be of Ukrainian origin. While rules of origin are somewhat complex, this video provides examples to help you determine whether your product meets those criteria. It also provides links to other useful resources.
Understanding Canadian regulatory requirements is an important step in the export planning process. Canada has both federal and provincial regulatory requirements to make sure that only safe, high-quality products can access the Canadian market. This video provides examples to help you understand what Canadian regulatory requirements may apply to your product.
Ukrainian exporters may want to consider obtaining voluntary certifications for their products. Certifications add value to your product because they provide a written assurance by an accredited certification body that a product, process, or service complies with certain standards. Learn more about voluntary certifications by watching this video.
Organic products are increasingly popular in Canada, which is the world’s sixth largest organic market. Many of Canada’s organic products are imported, which means Ukrainian organic exporters should consider Canada as an export destination. This video offers information and links to help you learn more about the opportunities for exporting organic products to Canada.
Finding Canadian buyers is often the most difficult challenge faced by Ukrainian exporters. This video offers examples of ways to connect with foreign buyers, including how to navigate the new virtual business model brought about by the 2020 global pandemic.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the law on Investment “Nanny”

Today, on February 10, 2021, the President of Ukraine signed the Law “On State Assistance to Investment Projects with the Significant Investments in Ukraine”.

The Law is aimed to increase state support for large investment projects exceeding EUR 30 million and lure international business to the country.

The law will offer tax benefits to big investors and provide them with so-called “investment nannies,” managers who will help them communicate with state officials, provide advice and generally help them navigate Ukrainian bureaucracy.

The law will focus on the following sectors:

  • processing industry (with some exceptions);
  • infrastructure;
  • waste management;
  • logistics;
  • education, science;
  • healthcare;
  • sports and tourism

Investors will also be able to have money allocated from state or municipal budgets to build the infrastructure needed for an investment project, including highways, communication lines, heat, gas, water and electricity supply facilities, and utilities. The total amount of state support won’t exceed 30% of the investment in a project.

Emma Turos, CUCC and ICBAC members met with the Head of State Property Fund of Ukraine Dmytro Sennychenko

The meeting was dedicated to discussion of a proposed amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On State Property Fund of Ukraine” and other legislative acts of Ukraine to promote investment through privatization and lease of state property”.

The purpose of the bill is to accelerate privatization by: improving the institutional mechanisms of privatization, establishing an efficient organizational structure of State Property Fund of Ukraine and clarifying certain aspects of legislation concerning privatization and corporate governance of state assets to ensure effective and responsive management while an SOE is being prepared for privatization.

According to Dmytro Sennychenko, Head of State Property Fund of Ukraine, suggested novelties will allow to protect state property rights, interests of foreign investors and make the privatization procedure more user-friendly. The Fund expects to attract a record sum of 12 bln UAH from privatization in 2021.

We will continue to follow the news on this.

More info on this meeting (in Ukrainian)

New General Secretary of ICBAC – Emma Turos, CUCC-Ukraine

On January 25, 2021 Alfred F. Praus, President of the Ukrainian-Austrian Association, after serving for two years as ICBAC General Secretary, handed over the General Secretariat of the International Council of Business Associations and Chambers in Ukraine, which is rotated yearly, to Emma Turos, Managing Director of the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce.
We are looking forward to a fruitful and interesting work within the ICBAC framework and new projects to be completed. Stay tuned.

Ukraine has opened strategic and critical minerals for international investors

January, 26, Kyiv – State Geologic and Subsoil Survey of Ukraine (hereinafter – UGS), Ukraine’s national upstream regulator, together with the state agency UkraineInvest, presented a list of strategic and critical minerals, which can be bought at electronic auctions. Their extraction and development can bring more than $10 billion of investments to the country.

The Director General of UGS, Roman Opimakh, presented a unique product, called an Investment Atlas, which is available online and also in English.

The Investment Atlas contains a list of 15 minerals and currently contains 30 promising fields of strategic and critical mineral resources, inter alia lithium, which is in high demand for batteries and computers.

The so called “metals of the future” are used in high-tech industries worldwide. Titanium and beryllium are important components of aerospace technology. An investor will also find proposals of gold, tantalum, cobalt and other rare earth minerals.

A special attention was paid to hydrocarbon fields, which Ukraine is also rich for. The UGS announced a number of new oil and gas concession licenses to be sold via electronic auctions. Also, a large oil and gas ‘Oleska’ block with an acreage of ​​6,324 km2, as the Production Sharing Agreement, was announced to be open for E&P partnership.

Ukraine has recently signed eight Production sharing agreements (hereinafter – PSAs) with the investors. The total acreages of signed PSAs cover an area of almost 10.000 km2. Total investment commitment during the first five years account for $390 million.

Ukraine also re-launched an ex-Shell PSA, ‘Yuzivska’ oil and gas block, with acreage of over 7,500 km2. The PSA has been re-signed between the Government, national company ‘Nadra of Ukraine’ and the national company ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’.

The slides of the presentation are available online at

Open bids can be found under the link


State Geologic and Subsoil Survey of Ukraine


Industry recognition for N-iX, a long-time member of CUCC

We are proud to share that N-iX has been named a Rising Star in the 2020 edition of ISG Provider Lens™ Analytics – Solutions and Service Partners for the UK market.

The company is recognized as one of Ukraine’s top employers according to the 2020 rating and listed in the Global Outsourcing 100® for the fourth consecutive year.

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