On May 31st, CUCC Vice President Yuriy Kryvosheya had the honor of participating in the inaugural hybrid meeting of CanChams of Europe held in Madrid. This groundbreaking event marked a significant milestone in fostering closer business ties between Canada and Europe.

Event Overview

The hybrid meeting, expertly organized by Mark Camilleri, saw the convergence of CanChams from 15 European countries and the European Union. Representing over 500 businesses, participants attended both in person and virtually, highlighting the event’s broad reach and inclusive approach. The primary aim was to strengthen the Canada-Europe business network, share valuable insights and best practices, and foster deeper collaboration among the attendees.

Distinguished Attendees

The event was graced by several notable figures, underscoring its importance:

– Wendy Drukier, Canadian Ambassador to Spain
– Sara Wilshaw, Chief Trade Commissioner
– Dr. Ailish Campbell, Canadian Ambassador to the EU
– Karine Asselin, Canadian Ambassador to Greece

Their presence and contributions were invaluable, offering deep insights into the evolving landscape of Canada-Europe business relations.

Key Outcomes

The meeting resulted in several significant outcomes, setting the stage for future collaboration and growth:

1. Commitment to Develop the CanChams Network: There was a unanimous agreement to further develop the CanChams of Europe network, enhancing its role as a vital conduit for Canada-Europe business relations.

2. Follow-Up Meeting: Plans were laid for a follow-up meeting in six months, aimed at refining and enhancing cooperation principles established during this initial gathering.

3. Establishment of Online Resources: An online portal and dedicated webpage were proposed to support ongoing initiatives, ensuring that members have access to the latest information and resources to drive their businesses forward.

This event signifies a pivotal moment in the strengthening of business ties between Canada and Europe. With the combined efforts of the CanChams network, trade commissioners, and ambassadors, we are poised to build a more robust and interconnected business community.

Together, we are building stronger ties between Canada and Europe, paving the way for increased collaboration, innovation, and shared prosperity.

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