Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the cliché that there are traditional “male” and “female” professions. According to HR agencies, sectors such as construction, IT, energetics, heavy industry and mechanical engineering, defence and security, metallurgical industry, surgery, shipping, and mining are usually managed by men. The “traditionally female” profession fields include HR, statistics, accounting, education, sales management, communications, art, psychology, and media.

Who would you imagine a metallurgical company is managed by? A charismatic man wearing a tailored suit and a tie. Apparently, 90% of the metallurgical enterprise managers look like that, but not the Energosteel manager…

Allow me to introduce Ms. Liudmyla Kravets, a successful businesswoman.


Liudmyla reveals us her own secrets of success: “Half of our top managers are women. They got their posts thanks to their professional qualities, experience, and ability to make managerial decisions.” Ms. Kravets believes that such a management structure brings more harmony and higher efficiency. Thanks to effective management Energosteel is the second ranked Ukrainian company in the manufacture of steel grinding balls and is successfully competing with metallurgical giants within the industry. Moreover, the company is a successful exporter to neighboring countries, Europe, Latin America, along with exploring the US and Canadian markets.

Gender equality research shows that companies managed by women are more profitable. The metallurgical industry is facing new challenges and an employment crisis. More and more heavy industry companies are transforming outdated approaches to recruitment and persistently looking for women with professional education. Canada is among the countries which actively support and promote women’s entrepreneurship, and works on a diversity principal basis. Why companies have changed their recruitment strategies? It’s important to emphasize a woman’s role in this process. Women are more adaptable by nature. They usually go with their gut feeling, combining their high emotional intelligence with attention to details and capacity for work.

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