UCC Ontario and UCC National are pleased to launch the Ukrainian CUAET Newcomers’ Ontario Resource Package. This important project is the final result of a collaborative effort between UCC
Ontario, UCC National, and the Deloitte Canada Community Advisory Projects team, and provides critical settlement support information to the thousands of displaced Ukrainian citizens who are settling in the province.  The resource package concisely identifies the multitude of needs that newcomers have, and provides clear information on how these needs can be met based on
services provided by available provincial institutions. Specifically, the document provides key information on:

  • Documents of Life (SIN, OHIP)
  • Legal Rights in Canada
  • Phone & Wi-Fi Plans
  • Transportation
  • Temporary and Permanent Housing
  • Financial Assistance and Services
  • Food Access
  • Childcare
  • Healthcare
  •  Education
  • Employment Support

Also, included in the package is a map illustrating the distances from Toronto to various other Ontario communities, and a brief overview of some of the cities outside of Toronto that newcomers may wish to consider for settlement. 60 Deloitte Canada volunteers generously donated over 200 of their work hours and expertise to put this together, many of these volunteers used their own Ukrainian relatives’, friends’ and loved ones’ arrival journeys to map out the key milestones and make this package as user friendly and as comprehensive as possible.