Ukraine extends aircraft maintenance and overhaul offer

More recently, the aviation industry has indicated signs of recovery with considerable growing demand forecast over the next decade in regions such as the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. In these regions, to operate a large number of aircraft produced in Ukraine and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Now Ukraine expands aircraft maintenance and repair offering in anticipation of probable contracts.

Commercial and military aircraft maintenance and repair is an essential requirement to safely transport passengers, troops or cargo. In Ukraine, the major role in the aircraft maintenance and repair plays the state enterprise «PLANT 410 of Civil Aviation» (SE PLANT 410 CA).

The SE PLANT 410 CA, which is a part of Ukrainian defence industry concern UkrOboronProm, is one of the leading enterprises of aviation cluster of Ukraine, specializing in heavy airframe maintenance and modification services and component maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for commercial and regional aircraft.

SE PLANT 410. Photo by Dylan Malyasov

The SE PLANT 410 CA as of today, executed overhaul more than six thousand aircraft and forty thousand the aviation engines. The enterprise occupies an area of over 236,000 square meters adjacent to the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany). Production area is equipped with all the necessary technological tools, tooling and equipment and makes up for more than 170,000 square meters, where overhaul.

The SE PLANT 410 CA represents the powerful aircraft-repair enterprise, that can carries out a full work cycle of overhaul of aircraft An-24,-26,-30,-32 and aviation engines D-36 of a series 1, 1А, 2А, for aircraft Yak-42, An-72,-74, repair of units of aviation technique, and also the works connected with restoration of aviation details.

SE PLANT 410. Photo by Dylan Malyasov

On performance of works on overhaul, modernization, re-equipment and maintenance service of aircraft such as “Antonov”, the plant has certificates of interstate aviation committee, Ukrainian national aviation authorities, the certificate of conformity of the Russian aviation authorities. The system of quality of the plant is certificated under the international standards of series ISO, and also airspace complex AS / EN. Taking into account, that works on repair of military planes performed, the factory has the certificate of the standard of the NATO – AQAP 2120, and also the license of the Ministry of industrial policy for repairing of military aviation technique.

SE PLANT 410. Photo by Dylan Malyasov

One of the directions of development is the realization of the program maintenance and repair of Soviet-made helicopters. The enterprise conducts restore after overhaul, re-motorization, and modernization of Mil Mi-8 medium twin-turbine helicopters, for use in a national economy and Ukrainian Defence Forces. Realization of the project carried out together with joint-stock company “Motor Sich”.

The SE PLANT 410 CA has also successfully completed MI-8MSB helicopter overhaul and upgrade having fitted it with a Motor-Sich-made advanced TV3-117VMA-SBM1 engine, avionics, Air Ambulance Technology-made intensive care units. The retrofit helicopter was handed over to the Customer on 11.08.2016.

Currently, other three Mi-8T helicopters are undergoing overhaul and upgrade.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and Border Guard also act as clients of the SE PLANT 410 CA enterprise. In 2016 enterprise specialists repaired 6 aircraft, according to aircraft equipment overhaul and modernization schedule, that was reported by UkrOboronProm.

During repair each vehicle was completely dismantled and all components and devices were repaired/replaced by new ones. In addition, these aircraft also have new modern digital navigation and communication systems.

The SE Plant 410 CA is a leading enterprise in Ukraine, providing overhaul of D-36 engines, installed on military transport aircraft An-72, in service with the National Guard of Ukraine and Border Guard. In addition, the same engines are installed on An-74 and Yak-42 aircraft, operated in many countries.

SE PLANT 410 CA Photo by Dylan Malyasov

The collective of a factory makes huge efforts on preparation for certification on norms and rules of the European organization on safety in aircraft EASA (PART-145, PART-147, PART-66, PART-M). It will allow to diversify the work not only on technique such as Antonov, but also to carry out maintenance service of planes of foreign manufacture. The enterprise already has such customers. For today maintenance service more than 15 airliners Boeing-737 is carried out. On the areas of a factory planes MD-80,-82,-83 are served. Also, plant fruitfully works with business aircraft.

SE PLANT 410 CA Photo by Dylan Malyasov

This and the active efforts of the foreign economic activity of the plant, the enterprise consistently receives new orders for aircraft repair and modernization not only from domestic customers, but also firmly entrenched in the international market, which provides foreign exchange earnings to the state. The main foreign clients of the SE PLANT 410 CA is the Republic of India, Republic of Kazakhstan, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Hungary and other countries. Over the past two years, exports to foreign countries increased by 2 times, from UAH 168.4 million UAH in 2014 up to 345.3 million UAH in 2016.


Ukraine and Turkey to Collaborate on UAV Development

Ukraine and Turkey are preparing expansion of defense cooperation. The sides seek to establish cooperate in creation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), including unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV), the press service of the Ukroboronprom State Concern has reported.

At the 13th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2017 held in Istanbul on May 9 through May 12 Antonov State Enterprise (Kyiv) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed a memorandum of cooperation to design and manufacture various types of UAV, including UCAV, for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The new agreements have been signed with participation of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov. TAI is a Turkish technological center for designing, manufacturing, integration, modernization and life cycle support of integrated aerospace systems.

Antonov state enterprise is the leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of aircraft, the recognized world’s leader in the niche of transport aircraft for wide purposes. The company cooperates with 76 countries. According to the government decision, Antonov has been part of Ukroboronprom state concern since April 2015.

Antonov is working on the creation of multifunctional operative and tactical unmanned aircraft system Horlytsia, which flight range is more than 1,000 km long. The delivery of new unmanned vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine could start in 2018 if the financing is provided.


Ukraine, South Korea to develop aerospace cooperation

Ukraine and South Korea are working on boosting cooperation in the aerospace area.

The press service of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) reported that further development of promising cooperation in the sphere was discussed at the fifth meeting of the Ukrainian-South Korean committee for scientific and technical cooperation of the relevant joint working group.

“The sides discussed the state and prospects for development of Ukrainian-South Korean cooperation in the current cooperation spheres and studied the opportunities of developing cooperation in new areas, the satellite segment and the application of global space systems in the public economy sphere,” the press service said.

Representatives of South Korean Ministry of Science, ITC and Future Planning, Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), the South Korean Embassy in Ukraine and representatives of SSAU, Yuzhnoye (Pivdenne) Design Bureau, Research and Production Enterprise Hartron-Arkos Ltd. and the National Center of Space Facilities Control And Test took part in the meeting.

South Korea is a promising partner of Ukraine in cooperation in the aerospace sphere in Southeast Asia. The sides have successful cooperation in the launch services: in 2013-2015 Dnepr carrier rocket placed South Korean satellites KompSat-5, STSat-3 and KompSat-3A to orbit.

Yuzhmash (Pivdenmash) is holding talks with KARI on expanding cooperation in the creation of aerospace equipment. Recently Yuzhmash finished a contract signed with KARI in 2016 to supply equipment to the customer.

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First Ukrainian AN-132 Aircraft With No Russian Components Makes Flight

Ukrainian Antonov AN-132D, the first aircraft with no Russian components performed its first flight last week.

The aircraft created by Ukroboronprom’s Antonov has been developed by cooperation between Ukraine and international aerospace firms that includes partners from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other countries – Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Dowty Propellers, the company said in a statement.

The program was launched in May 2015 and today the aircraft hit the sky. Decision on implementation of An-132 program was based on the request of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia organizations, as well as aircraft operators. An-132D construction is the first stage of the program of creating light multipurpose aircraft of new generation AN-132.

An-132 is designed for short distance and medium-range routes, it will perform a wide range of tasks on transportation; different cargo cabin configurations are available. The aircraft will have a cruising speed of 500 km / h and a maximum cruise altitude up to 9000 m with a maximum payload up to 9.2 tons. In future, a whole family of different purpose aircraft will be developed on the basis of An-132.

An-132 also became the first aircraft, produced by the UOP Aircraft cluster that was created in 2016 as part of the reform strategy of Ukraine’s defense industry. Production and logistic algorithms – used by UKROBORONPROM while working on An-132 – will be used in other clusters.

Aircraft cluster allows Ukrainian aviation industry to operate as integrated, coordinated mechanisms with clear development to deeper integrate into the world market and international standards implementation.


Commercial Space Launch Complex Site Selection Completed

March 14th, 2017 Halifax, NS – Dnipro, Ukraine

Maritime Launch Services (MLS) Ltd., established in Halifax, is pleased to announce it has committed to a launch site location following a study of prospective sites across North America. An exhaustive review was conducted which assessed 14 potential locations over the last year. The preferred site is located in the Guysborough Municipality near Canso and Hazel Hill in Nova Scotia, Canada and would host a commercial launch complex for the Cyclone 4M orbital launch vehicle from Ukraine. The criteria evaluated through the study included access to polar/sun synchronous orbit, very low population density, proximity to multimodal transportation, and interest from the community, province and government.

Vernon Pitts, Warden of the Municipality of Guysborough said, “We are pleased that Maritime Launch Services has chosen to invest in our community and we look forward to continued dialogue. Since we were first introduced to this development a few months ago we have been impressed with the proponents’ approach, and we will continue to work collaboratively with MLS as the project evolves.”

Recent site visits and meetings in Nova Scotia and Ottawa, Ontario by a delegation from MLS and Yuzhnoye were decisive in the final site selection in large part due to the enthusiastic support from the community, academia and multiple levels of provincial and federal government. John Isella, CEO of MLS, said “While we have a number of challenges ahead to work through the regulatory processes, approvals and site planning, we are optimistic that we can break ground on the launch complex within a year and meet market demands with our first launch in 2020.” MLS plans to achieve a launch rate of eight per year by 2022.

With the growing global demand for space launch services, MLS will bring the mature space launch technology of Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash in Ukraine to Nova Scotia. “Building on the historically close ties between Canada and Ukraine, and addressing the satellite constellation launch market with an all Ukrainian medium class (3350kg to SSO) launch service targeted at $45 million USD, are a few of the fundamental strengths of this program,” Isella said. “The timing is perfect for this venture. Ukraine’s independent space industry, and the solid market for these launch services all add to our confidence in this program. The Cyclone 4M rocket will become the standard of the medium class space launch industry.” Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash in Ukraine, the providers of the launch vehicle, have been in operation for 62 years, launched 875 rockets, and built and launched over 400 spacecraft.

Initial funding was obtained in 2016 from United PARADYNE Corporation (UPC) in Santa Maria, Mr. Joe Hasay, President/CEO of UPC, said “This program is just what UPC has been seeking in order to expand into commercial space launch operations.” UPC is a founding partner in MLS, and will bring extensive experience to launch site operations and satellite customer support.

Points of contact:
Sales and Marketing – John Isella +1 321-537-2720
Spaceport Development – Steve Matier +1 505-553-0822

Maritime Launch Services Ltd, Suite 900, 1959 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J3N2