Kyiv, November 3, 2023. The charity exhibitionEmpoweringRadianceto support women serving in the Armed Forces ofUkraine was held in PJSC «Toronto-Kyiv». The eventfeatured works of 23 prominent women representatives of thenuclear power industry. The goal of the fundraising campaign as the main part of the charity event was support of women servingin the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All the money raised by the event will go for purchase of the women’s military ammunition, clothing, footwear, protective equipment, and the humanitarianaid.

This initiative was implemented through joint efforts of the Non-profitable Public Organizations «Women in Nuclear Ukraine» and“Ukrainian Nuclear Society”. PJSC «Toronto-Kyiv», «TK Property Management» LTD and Public Organization «SobornaUkraine» were the general partners, who played a key role inmaking this event happen.

We still have a long road ahead of us on all fronts, and thus, allof us have to be united as never before in our diversified fight forfreedom and for our common goals. Throughout our professionalexperience, we have always built synergies and helped variouspartners & stakeholders who share the same values & principles; therefore, for us, it was an honor to be part of such an importanthappening with such a tremendous goal. Moreover, I would like tokindly outline that this great event is a very concrete and strongexample of numerous diversified organizations, companies, andteams uniting together to make true results in a toughenvironment. With joint forces, all of us can do even more and wehave to keep on going.” – said Yuriy Kryvosheya, President andManaging Partner of «Toronto-Kyiv» Complex, Vice President of the Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and  co-founder ofYakaboo.

The presented artworks proved an exceptional talent of women professionals who play an important role in securing stable, reliable, and safe operation of the nuclear power complex of Ukraine.

Here is a full text and photos from the event


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