On May 11th, 2023 CUCC Vice President Yuriy Kryvosheya and Communications Manager Alla Turos participated in a wonderful initiative organized by International Foundation “Victory Park” with support of Kyivzelenbud, and planted a cherry tree on behalf of CUCC & Toronto-Kyiv at the “Alley of International Support” on the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kyiv to raise funds for medical assistance in the frontline territories in Ukraine, as well as for medical institutions & organizations that are every day engaged in dealing with numerous tough consequences of the ongoing war.
Seven cherry trees planted represent seven organizations from different countries that support Ukraine, and were planted by representatives of the United States, Canada, Lithuania and Israel. In the future, the United Kingdom, Poland and Germany will also join. Beside each tree there is a corresponding “nameplate” with the name of the country and organization, as well as a QR code for a project link with a possibility to donate funds.
These are not the first trees that were planted to raise funds for urgent needs arising during wartime. Previously, sycamore trees were planted to raise funds for the vital drug “Albumin”; poplar trees for FPV drones for the fighters of the Center of Special Operations of the Security Service of Ukraine “Alfa”; magnolias for the purchase of summer berets for female military personnel and cherry trees for high-tech equipment for the soldiers of the AZOV brigade. These & other “Victory Park” projects can be found here
We will feel honored & will be very grateful if you will have the chance to contribute to this initiative and have your name, quote, wish for Ukrainians inscribed on a plaque under a tree from Canada, planted in the heart of Ukraine. In order to participate in history making, simply follow the link to the donation page
Every contribution makes a difference and brings Ukraine closer to the victory!

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