“SIDCON International Consulting Company” – 20 years of practical experience in the security market.

Sidcon is the leader of information and analytical services since 2002  for private and public organizations in Ukraine and other countries.

Sidcon services include:

  • Development of a strategy for entering into foreign markets
  • Analysis of economic sectors / markets / market segments, development forecasts industries;
  • Analysis of the investment attractiveness of the industry for the investor; assessment of risks and perspectives for entering the sector of industry;
  • Design a corporate security system for critical infrastructure facilities, companies;
  • Analysis of business partners’ and competitors’ qualities;
  • International investigations;
  • Security audit, cyber audit;
  • Development of a security policy/conception;
  • Analysis of the political situation in Ukraine / individual regions of Ukraine;
  • Analysis of individual political figures: direct and hidden links (politics, economy), area of interest, personal environment and impact on the situation in Ukraine, advantages and disadvantages;
  • Identification of personal links (direct and hidden) of Ukrainian enterprises / persons of Russian Federation, Belarus origin;
  • Assessment of external and internal corruption risks of Ukrainian enterprises;
  • Other analytical studies accompanying the Customer, who help to objectively assess the situation in the industry, save money and time for the Customer.


Sidcon is competent and can provide analysis of all key sectors of the Ukrainian economy:

  • Agriculture segment
  • Energy sector
  • Military industrial complex/ Defense sector
  • Extractive industry
  • Oil and gas production and oil refining
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Timber complex
  • Construction and building materials
  • Land market
  • Financial system
  • Healthcare, medicine and medical tourism
  • Software engineering, IT
  • Other industries and sectors of economy which are the matter of interest to the Customer.

Arguments in favor of cooperation with Sidcon:

 – “SIDCON International Consulting Company” has 20 years, and its’ experts – more than 30 years of successful activity in the field of analytical support for Ukrainian and foreign Customers in Ukraine, risk minimization and integrated investment security;

– Long-term experience in working with foreign companies, holdings, state corporations, higher educational institutions;

– Sidcon experts understand deep processes of the current situation in Ukraine (its regions, markets, business, etc.), causes and consequences of the adoption of certain strategic decisions for Ukraine, interrelations of business and politics, peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine, etc.;

– The company has a great number of sources of objective information and developed unique technologies and know-hows for processing such information and completing all around research;

– Membership in International specialized Security Associations (WAD – World Association of Detectives), which for many years allows us to have an access to foreign independent sources of information and conduct international research and investigations;

– A systematic and integrated approach to solving analytical problems, which gives the Customer proper understanding of a real, holistic, objective situation in the whole on the market, in the political arena, in a separate enterprise, etc.;

– Participating for many years in security, investment conferences, as well as conducting education in the field of risk minimization, integrated security and analytical support for international corporations and companies.

More than 20 books, practical manuals, and textbooks on corporate security have been edited and published by the team of experts led by the owner of the company Yurii Kohut. All publications are the quintessence of the author’s scientific training and professional experience and include practical developments and recommendations on building security systems, minimizing risks, and providing information and analytical support to businesses.

The books of the “SIDCON” author’s team are the matter of practical use and interest for specialists in the protection of critical infrastructure facilities, business representatives dealing with current and strategic issues of business development and security, for scientists, analysts, government officials, and will also serve educational purposes.


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