We would like to introduce you to UCARE.

In response to all the challenges, the leaders of the Ukrainian food market united in the UCARE by FoodTechShelf initiative. The first unique international impact project to support Ukrainian food producers. UCARE is not a national program, but due to the importance of the project, it cooperates with a number of government agencies. They establish bridges between Ukrainian food producers and retailers in Europe, USA and Canada creating special ‘Ukrainian shelves’ in foreign supermarkets. Thanks to this initiative foreign retailers are able to create a single channel to deal with Ukrainian companies and shelves with the best Ukrainian products in stores.

All products comply with EU, USA and Canadian standards. Logistics, product acquisition, marketing, and operational work are done by UCARE.


✔️ Creating a permanent channel with Ukrainian manufacturers for the partner retail chain: placing custom landing with your requests on the project platform, provide targeted traffic, conduct one-time scouting among more than 2000 Ukrainian manufacturers and provide information on all targeted and verified manufacturers and their products

✔️Primary negotiations, collecting and structuring  data and preparing information that allows retailer to quickly make effective decisions on goods purchase

✔️Logistics providing, monitoring shipments, money transfers and documents

✔️ Providing a set of ready-made marketing and communication texts and designs for promotion of the “Ukrainian shelf” in the partner stores and help to adapt them, taking into account the specifics of the retail chain

✔️Reporting on the funds allocated to charitable projects, provide press releases about the participation of the partner and its consumers in the assistance provided

UCARE objectives:

✔️Support Ukraine’s economy:

– High-quality, delicious Ukrainian products on the supermarket’s shelves all over the world to ‘TASTE THE REAL UKRAINE’

– Assist Ukrainian producers to replace losses in the domestic market through the exports

– A simple and profitable way for consumers to support Ukraine purchasing  local products,  receiving the best from Ukraine in response

✔️Form Ukraine’s  FOODTECH ecosystem contributing the emergence and  innovative food products scaling and technologies in food production

✔️Provide assistance to people in need by supporting a number of social and humanitarian projects – 50% of the project’s profits go to proven charitable foundations (TABLETOCHKI, UANIMALS, etc)

Advantages for retailer 

✔️Commercial: increase consumer loyalty by creating a ‘Ukrainian shelf’ and participating in Ucare project

✔️ Innovative: a new range of products at attractive prices

✔️Operational:  long-term relations with UCARE as reliable operator, aggregating food supplies from the best Ukrainian producers, increase revenue and profits 

✔️ Marketing: powerful information occasion and strong promotion as a partner, links to a relevant sites and visual content

✔️Social and charitable additional recognition 

To learn more please contact partner@ucare.foodtechshelf.com 
or visit Ucare (foodtechshelf.com).

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