On August 10th, 2022 President of Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce Zenon Potichny and President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Andriy Dubas signed a Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation in order to join forces to assist the banks of Canada and Ukraine in the development of business relationships, search for business partners, and exchange of professional experience.

The main objectives of cooperation are:

  • Creating a positive image of the Canadian-Ukrainian cooperation and increasing public confidence in it
  • Exchange of current economic, financial and information, laws and regulations
  • Analysis of the financial legislation and proposals on its improvement in accordance with international standards
  • Creation of an information field for an effective exchange of analytical and reference data
  • Determining the urgent issues for the banking system and organizing activities aimed at addressing them
  • Organizing exchange of professional experience, including training and personnel

Achievement of objectives and cooperation will be carried out by maintaining partnership relations, sharing experiences, exchanging information and conducting joint activities and events.


Memorandum - CUCC and Association of Ukrainian Banks

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