#SUPPORT_IT_UKRAINE: Kyiv IT Cluster launched a pro-bono B2B matchmaking platform to promote Ukraine IT Companies globally


WIN WIN UA is a trusted B2B matchmaking platform created by Ukrainian IT enthusiasts supported by Kyiv IT Cluster to accelerate global lead generation campaigns for IT companies from Ukraine to make a profound impact on the economy of the country.

The IT sector is basically the only industry in Ukraine that’s still up and running and garnering foreign revenue for the country.  Ukraine IT companies unite to support the industry via deep dive into the global business community.

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24th, a number of international software firms are switching from Russian IT service providers to Ukrainian alternatives. The huge pool of talent coupled with the current global wave of solidarity makes for a perfect match on the road to success. Here you can find your next trusted tech partner.

WIN WIN UA calls for chambers of commerce, professional business associations, vendors, and IT companies around the world to join the platform via the website https://winwinua.com/

Once the war is over, we will make Ukraine a tech paradise that’ll become a genuine engine of growth for the whole country.

Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce is one of the project partners and will be happy to facilitate contacts and help establish cooperation between Canadian interested parties and selected WIN WIN UA participants.

Please inquire at info@cucc.ca and/or skavetskyi@cucc.ca

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