In this crucial time for Ukraine, realizing the complexity of the situation around the country, on behalf of the International Council of Business Associations and Chambers (ICBAC), that encompasses nine foreign trade associations which represent the largest trade partners of Ukraine and UCCI, in total more than 9 thousand companies, we would like to express our strong support for Ukraine, its business partners and for all Ukrainian people

In the conditions of the ongoing pressure on Ukraine, members of the International Council of business associations and chambers, while implementing and adhering to their main mission – representation and protection of business interests of foreign and local investors in Ukraine, are aware of the possible unfavourable consequences for Ukrainian economy that may be caused by the escalation external situation and declare their solidarity in expressing support to Ukraine and in a further common desire to expand and enhance the international trade cooperation with Ukrainian partners, which to date has reached a total of almost $ 50 billion.

We continue working in Ukraine and together with our Ukrainian partners, we will work to strengthen Ukraine’s economic potential and sustainability.Our common goal is to confidently, consistently build and strengthen economic bonds between Ukrainian businesses and partners from other countries, promote a favourable investment climate, and intensify dialogue with the authorities and the government.

The statement was signed by the leaders:

American-Ukrainian Business Council,
British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce,
Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce,
Chinese Trade Association,
International Turkish-Ukrainian Business Association,
German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Ukrainian-Austrian Association,
Swedish Business Association,
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

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