On March 15-18, 2022, global real estate players in Cannes will gather at MIPIM (Fr. Le Marché International des Professionnels de l’immobilier – an international fair of real estate professionals).

MIPIM is the #1 Investment event that gathers the most influential players from all sectors related to intelligent urban development, investments in PropTech, infrastructure, and classical and alternative real estate. The event gathers over 26 000 participants, including 6 000 investors, 560 political leaders from 100 countries.

The exhibition has been taking place since 1990. Ukraine has been represented at MIPIM for over 15 years by cities, companies, and various projects. For the last three years, the Ukrainian market has been represented by Kyiv City, headed by Mayor Vitalii Klitschko and supported by the local business community.

For five years now, Ukrainian real estate players have been gathering around the Ukraine initiative at MIPIM (under the name Ukraine at MIPIM), which has become an integral part of participation at investment exhibitions.

“This is an example of uniting real estate players to adequately present the Ukrainian market and the Ukrainian brand in general on the international arena. Our task as organizers is to follow global trends, the focus of international companies, and maintain communication with foreign players to adapt the Ukrainian program to MIPIM,” Principal of the Invest in Projects agency, co-organizer of Ukraine at MIPIM Anna Nestulia says.

Anna adds that critical trends observed in global markets are:

  • The transformation and digitalization of offices and the urban environment.
  • The development of logistics real estate.
  • The growth and diversification of the housing market.

In addition, the topics of ESG (ecology, social responsibility, and governance) and sustainable development remain a separate powerful focus for foreign companies, particularly investors.

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“In 2022, the exhibition’s main theme will be Driving Urban Change,” says Dmytro DopiroMIPIM representative in Ukraine. – The fight for clean air, solving transport problems, comfortable living, working and labor conditions for citizens – the global community will discuss all this at numerous conferences at the exhibition. MIPIM 2022 will take place from March 15 to March 18, and we invite everyone to join the collective stand of Ukrainian companies at MIPIM.”

“The speed of serious transformations in numerous segments of the economy, as well as the importance of eco-systems, is growing at an increasing rate, and such positive changes can be observed in Ukraine as well, – says Yuriy Kryvosheya, President & Managing Partner at Toronto-Kyiv; Head of Supervisory Board of Ukraine at MIPIM. – Taking into consideration the amazing potential of our market, we can and should make proper steps forward to not only participate in such transformations but even to lead such certain positive changes and innovations. Today, Ukraine gives birth to innovative products & technologies, and, often, the property & RE market serves as the infrastructure and platform for their subsequent application & usage. Thus, it is time to move forward onto the next level of overall development in a synergetic manner. MIPIM, in addition to being one of the top global stages for investor relations, provides instruments to the aforementioned improvements and provides exposure to additional ideas, all of which have the potential to launch a positive virtuous cycle. We just need to act, and to do so together!”

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Yuriy Kryvosheya, President & Managing Partner at Toronto-Kyiv

Ukraine at MIPIM – who will participate

The composition of the Ukrainian delegation at MIPIM 2022 includes leading companies in the market. They implement innovative ideas and consistently transform the urban environment.

Among the Ukrainian delegates for MIPIM 2022 Promprylad.Renovation, Toronto-Kyiv, TK Property Management, Q Partners, UDP, Altis Holding, LvivTech.City, Dragon Capital, Intergal Bud, Midland Development, Delta, STRIX, M4U Estate, Masnavi Capital, Mandarin Plaza Group, Creator City, STOIC Group, Ol.Factory, One Love Espresso Bar, CBM Forum, Arricano, LUN, KC Hospitality Solutions.

Holiday Inn Kyiv is a special hospitality partner for Ukraine at MIPIM official presentations, conferences, and press events in Kyiv before and after MIPIM.

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Diplomatic institutions, business organizations, and associations support Ukraine at MIPIM. The Embassy of Ukraine in France, EBA, Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, and Ukrainian Real Estate Club is among them. Kyiv City is an official partner for the Kyiv representation.

ЛУН (Lun.ua) has become an exceptional partner and co-host of the events dedicated to investments promotion of residential real estate in Ukraine. This year the company will present its residential real estate outlook on Ukraine for the international business community.

More about Ukrainian projects to be present at MIPIM

Promprylad.Renovation (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Promprylad.Renovation is an innovation center on the premises of an old plant. It focuses on four areas of region development — new economy, urban design, contemporary art, and education. The project follows the impact investing model, where investors contribute to social changes in the region and get a return on investment in the form of dividend payouts.

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As of January 2021, the amount of investments in the project is over $ 10 million. The number of investors surpasses 1 000 people.

Residents of Promprylad. Renovation is a harmonious ecosystem built on the interaction between all functions.

The pilot floor is a model of what the innovation center will look like in the future. There are both commercial and development functions. This neighborhood already illustrates the importance and effectiveness of interaction in the triangle “community – business-government.”

СЕО Promprylad.Renovation Yuriy Fylyuk says that they see a global trend – ecosystem approach to the projects in the project.

“In conditions of the pandemic, of course, everyone should strengthen both various safety protocols and requirements to have more adaptive and flexible spaces. Thus, during the design of the next stages of the projects, we focus more on these criteria to change and adapt spaces to various needs easy,” says Yuriy

Yuriy Fylyuk, CEO – Promprylad.Renovation

For Promprylad.Renovation teal MIPIM is an opportunity to inspire, learn, and establish new contacts for possible future collaborations.
“As a country in general, we must be present at platforms such as MIPIM to form our position on the world map and to become an active player, in particular, in the development as one of the most critical sectors of the economy of any country.
Promprylad.Renovation is a successful case of attracting many international investors in projects and the city in general. According to the CEO, the team follows strict and clear principles in working with international partners. It is transparency, consistency, and long-term prospects.

Renovation of the Arsenal plant (Kyiv)

It is a renovation and redevelopment of the historical buildings of the former military Arsenal Plant. Today it is the new landmark of the capital city of Ukraine. The dull old area has turned into a friendly public space. Historical buildings got new up-to-date functions meeting the requirements and needs of the residents.

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Located in the very center of the capital city of Ukraine, the former industrial area and military giant have become the most attractive place for people today. It offers Kyiv Food Market, coworking Creative States, education center Osvitoria hub, and most importantly, a lot of inclusive, open public space.

“We believe that projects like Arsenal will be successful as they meet the key requirement of the society – social. In terms of investments, it means stable and predicted demand,” says Andriy Semenov, Managing Partner & CBDO of Q Partners.

Andriy Semenov, Managing Partner & CBDO of Q Partners

In 2021 during privatization auction, UDP, in consortium with A Development, acquired Bilshovyk Plant (35 ha of the first Kyiv Machine-Building Plant). In Soviet times, the plant produced stationary machines and equipment for the chemical, coal, oil industries, and subway construction. The production was unique and exclusively custom-made. Now, out of 36 workshops, only two are operating. Part of the property is leased; the rest is simply destroyed.
New owners learn several concepts offered by Ukrainian and Polish architects. Also, the company will involve world-known architects.

Andriy Semenov shared plans for the future of the Bilshovyk Plant.
“We are working now on the key concept of the project, which will include creative, social, and economic components; in particular, we evaluate all risks. A project like this requires a complex approach.”
The realization of such large-scale projects takes about 10 – 15 years.


Metropol Plaza і Metropol Residences (Kyiv)

Metropole is a mixed-use project in Kyiv developed by Altis Holding. The project combines three towers connected by the central green rooftop plaza with Al Fresco-styled terraces and outside gardens making it an authentic vertical village. The project includes residential, offices, retail, and leisure functions. The architect of the project is the French award-winning bureau VASCONI. The architect’s key focus is integrating nature into the heart of the city based on live work play principles. The plaza is dominated by the first in Ukraine world-known UNESCO Artist Hedva Ser “Tree of Peace” standing within the water mirror.

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According to the principal architect of the project, the city of tomorrow will use past patterns, i.e., enhancing close walkable distance between workplace and residence in a district offering a living space mixing retail, workspace, living, and space for relaxation – while engaging a close interconnection between the metropolitan cities worldwide.

Kyiv is a metropolitan city with a stunning historical heart that is challenging the traditional European city by integrating into its very heart green spaces, vast public spaces, and a stunning historical heritage while integrating a new high-rise skyline within its historical compounds.


LvivTech.City (Lviv)

LvivTech.City is a community that brings together leading technology and innovation companies, R&D centers, incubators and accelerators, entrepreneurs, and young startups developing and integrating to create an innovations cluster, a shared ecosystem for urban development. And most importantly, it is an environment of like-minded people, comfortable space, and special services allowing resident companies to focus entirely on work and the capitalization’s growth. We strive to build a system that will facilitate continuous interaction and communication between the residents to achieve a synergy effect in all areas.

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LvivTech City

LvivTech.City offers its residents offices, apartments, IT school, and additional services and amenities.

The project’s investor is UFuture, the developer of the projects is UDP, project’s architect is the Polish architectural bureau APA ARA Wojciechowski.

Vitalii Melnyk, Vice President of UDP, head of Innovation Parks Development, is an active participant and supporter of Kyiv and Ukraine at MIPIM.

We are happy that after several years of a break to present Europe and the world Ukrainian best projects.

We will showcase the first innovative park in western Ukraine, LvivTech.City. Particular focus on how developers ecosystem projects can impact global things such as slowdown of IT labor migration from countries and transformation of the economy from local into innovative, which is the primary goal of the innovation parks we develop.

Our goal at MIPIM 2022 is to present Ukraine as a center of innovations in Europe and demonstrate development projects worth the attention and trust of foreign investors.

You can join the Ukrainian stand at MIPIM. The team of organizers is working on the program and promotion of the Ukrainian delegation at the main investments exhibition which will take place in Cannes from 15 to 18 March.

Заявки на участь у виставці MIPIM тривають. Команда організаторів працює над програмою та посиленням присутності української делегації на головній інвестиційній виставці, що пройде в Каннах з 15 по 18 березня.

Please email us for more information

  • Dmytro Dopiro, representative of MIPIM in Ukraine, d.dopiro@gmail.com
  • Anna Nestulia, organizer of Ukraine at MIPIM, anna@investinrpojects.pro

Partner’s information

Our official partner, Holiday Inn Kyiv, provides not only accommodation for their guests but also creates the necessary conditions for conferences, lectures, presentations, banquets, and other events. In October 2021, the hotel held a grand opening of the new conference hall «Malevich», with an area of 105 m2. The hall seats up to 90 people and it is equipped with new technologies: projector and large screen, built-in audio system, climate control system, flipchart with markers, and more. Holiday Inn Kyiv appreciates Ukrainian historical monuments and their authors, and that’s why the conference hall is named in honor of the outstanding artist, Kazimir Malevich. Also, the view from the window on the church of St. Nicholas creates an impression. By the way, at Holiday Inn Kyiv is available another conference hall «Gorodetsky», with an area of 69 m2, that is named in honor of the architect of the majestic Church of St. Nicholas.


For more information regarding the organization of the events at the Hotel, please contact:

⁃ iryna.orlova@ihg.com ⁃ +38 044 363 30 00

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