May 17, 2021 Members of the International Council of Business Associations and Chambers (ICBAC) met with Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU) Vadym Melnyk and Head of the Office of Effective Interaction with Business Kostryantyn Turchak and Manager of the Office Maryana Mazur.


In the course of discussion Mr. Melnyk talked about reform of SFSU and its key achievements within the last four months. Telling about work of the office he emphasized on different approach to legal and illegal businesses: «One of the important factors of economic security is clear division between legal and illegal businesses, outlining the boundaries and ways for interacting: with legal businesses – dialogue and partnership; with illegal businesses – taking a hardline, within the legislative framework only, no attempts to “reach an agreement“.


Head of the Office of the Effective Interaction with Business has outlined the core goals of the Office: “We aim towards the common analytical base and extensive dialogue between the Business and Government for the better Economic Security of the country and better conditions for the legal business”

We thank the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine for its openness to dialogue and willingness to actively cooperate with business.

ICBAC is including ten business associations and chambers:

British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce  Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce CCA – Китайська Торгова Асоціація CCI France Ukraine AHK Ukraine Swedish Business Association in Ukraine  Türk Ukrayna İşadamları Derneği (TUİD)  Ukrainian-Austrian Association  U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) Торгово-промислова палата України / Ukrainian CCI , which together represent about 9000 Ukrainian and foreign companies.

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