January, 26, Kyiv – State Geologic and Subsoil Survey of Ukraine (hereinafter – UGS), Ukraine’s national upstream regulator, together with the state agency UkraineInvest, presented a list of strategic and critical minerals, which can be bought at electronic auctions. Their extraction and development can bring more than $10 billion of investments to the country.

The Director General of UGS, Roman Opimakh, presented a unique product, called an Investment Atlas, which is available online and also in English.

The Investment Atlas contains a list of 15 minerals and currently contains 30 promising fields of strategic and critical mineral resources, inter alia lithium, which is in high demand for batteries and computers.

The so called “metals of the future” are used in high-tech industries worldwide. Titanium and beryllium are important components of aerospace technology. An investor will also find proposals of gold, tantalum, cobalt and other rare earth minerals.

A special attention was paid to hydrocarbon fields, which Ukraine is also rich for. The UGS announced a number of new oil and gas concession licenses to be sold via electronic auctions. Also, a large oil and gas ‘Oleska’ block with an acreage of ​​6,324 km2, as the Production Sharing Agreement, was announced to be open for E&P partnership.

Ukraine has recently signed eight Production sharing agreements (hereinafter – PSAs) with the investors. The total acreages of signed PSAs cover an area of almost 10.000 km2. Total investment commitment during the first five years account for $390 million.

Ukraine also re-launched an ex-Shell PSA, ‘Yuzivska’ oil and gas block, with acreage of over 7,500 km2. The PSA has been re-signed between the Government, national company ‘Nadra of Ukraine’ and the national company ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’.

The slides of the presentation are available online at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YgkJPOVVCP7zv7BCgJvFKBi7AdimAs8q/view

Open bids can be found under the link https://www.geo.gov.ua/en/open-bids/


State Geologic and Subsoil Survey of Ukraine https://www.geo.gov.ua/en

UkraineInvest https://ukraineinvest.gov.ua/

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