Rules of origin is a significant part of any free trade agreement. Every agreement determent its own and, to a certain extent, unique rules of origin. These rules are intended to be like some “filter” that divides goods that can or can’t benefit from preferential access to the market.

In order to receive tariff benefits from the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA), it is necessary to have Ukrainian origin. What does it mean and how to determine Ukrainian origin you will learn from our new manual – I CAN Export: Rules of origin under the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement. Guidelines for Exporters.

Please note that the rules of origin in the CUFTA are based on the so-called North American model, and therefore sometimes different from the rules of origin contained in other free trade agreements between Ukraine and the European (EU, EFTA, Montenegro, Republic Macedonia) and post-Soviet countries (CIS).

Especially our new manual is relevant for those producers who use foreign-origin materials in the production (ie, imported from third countries). We hope that our guide will be useful for you and will help Ukrainian businesses find the information they need to enter the Canadian market.

To download the manual, please click on the picture below and fill in the small registration form. Once completed, you will automatically receive links to download publications.

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