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The business gateway between Canada & Ukraine.
The business gateway between Canada & Ukraine.

CUCC is a member-driven business association with a mandate to promote trade and investment opportunities among members in Canada and Ukraine, and foster cooperation between Canadian and Ukrainian public and private stakeholders. Since its founding in 1992 and with the long history of friendly and mutually supportive political, economic, and cultural relations between Canada and Ukraine, CUCC has become an authoritative voice of Canadian and Ukrainian business in, inter alia, trade-related matters with over 230 members. On the 1st of August, 2017, together with our members, we celebrated the inception of free trade area between Canada and Ukraine with the strong belief that Canada – Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (hereinafter – the CUFTA) would create unprecedented commercial opportunities for businesses on both continents.

Our Mission

is to promote and facilitate trade and investment between Canada and Ukraine

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