Canada Country Operations Manager, Nova Global Logistics CA Ltd.

Yevhen ‘Evan’ Tryshyn has over 20 years of experience in the logistics and delivery industry, sales, business development, digital project management, and marketing. Majoring in Commerce and Marketing at the International Institute for Commerce and Distribution, IGS Group, France, he has developed a strong foundation in business strategies and marketing techniques. This background has honed his skills and expertise to navigate the dynamic landscape of business and technology.

Currently serving as the Canada Country Operations Manager for Nova Global Logistics CA Ltd., a subsidiary of Nova Post, an esteemed shipping logistics holding with its headquarters in Ukraine, Yevhen oversees strategic operations and ensures seamless logistics solutions for clients.

His previous role as General Manager at Glovo Ukraine, a leading delivery company with HQs in Spain, was marked by achieving breakthrough financial results and driving organizational growth. Yevhen’s adeptness in managing complex situations and leading diverse teams of 250 employees and 10,000 independent contractors resulted in significant milestones for the company.

As Digital Transformation Director, Yevhen led digital transformation for a major retailer, covering online, in-store, out-of-store, and mobile projects. He implemented a comprehensive 9-pillar strategy, launched a cutting-edge website and mobile app, and leveraged various digital strategies to drive business success.

Throughout his career, Yevhen has worked at Ernst & Young, Orange, Western Union, in Canada, Ukraine, France, Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia. His global exposure has equipped him with a deep understanding of diverse markets and a global perspective.

Fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish, and Romanian, Yevhen possesses a global perspective and a deep understanding of diverse markets, making him a versatile and impactful leader in the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology.

Yevhen is also a founding member and Member of the Management Board of ‘The Board Business Toronto’ association. Furthermore, he served as the Chartered president of the first Ukrainian Kyiv Rotaract club, contributing to community development through the Rotary movement.