The Skvyra Grain Processing Factory in Kyiv Oblast is one of the most famous cereal producers in Ukraine. Buckwheat, oats, corn, rye, barley, wheat, and millet here become cereals, flakes, flour and raw materials for baby food.

The company traces its history from 1931 to a small grain purveyance point – Zahotzerno. The combination of market demand, efficient management, and constant modernization has transformed it into an international player. At the moment, the Skvyra Grain Processing Factory boasts four-grain processing lines (three specialized ones and one multiline). With significant grain elevator capacity, the company also provides grain storage services to other businesses.

Until recently, the factory focused mainly on the production of non-branded products only. Currently, preference is given to the promotion of Skvyryanka – its own trademark, retail production and cooperation with retail networks.

The company is actively developing its export destinations – up to 40% of products are shipped abroad.

Previously, the company sold large volumes to Russia. Since 2014, the factory has diversified its sales markets. Therefore, products under the Skvira brand are currently sold in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Among the customers of the plant, there are such well-known food manufacturers as Nutricia, Nestle, and Bebi.

“Quality at an affordable price is the formula of specificity of our products in the global markets”, – comments Ihor Kotsel, the company’s commercial director.

Since 2012, the Skvyra Grain Processing Factory has been working with organic raw materials.

From the very beginning, foreign demand has become the driver of expanding the range of organic products. The main suppliers of organic raw materials for the enterprise are agricultural enterprises from Lviv, Rivne, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions.

Skvyra Grain Processing Factory LLC successfully cooperates with Canadian companies that buy Ukrainian products and sell them in many markets, especially in Asia. It was the Canadian partners’ interest in good-quality organic products that prompted the company to get certified in accordance with Canada’s organic standards – COR.

In 2019, the CUTIS project co-financed the company’s receipt of a Canadian organic certification. In this way, the project supports Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises in conducting sustainable business practices.

Moreover, Canada’s organic market analytics provided by the CUTIS project forced the company to look more closely at this country. At the moment, Skvyra Grain Processing Factory LLC is establishing direct deliveries to the “maple leaf country”.

The example of the Skvyra Factory once again proves the prospects of deliveries of Ukrainian organic products to Canada.

You can find more about the company’s experience and the history of its entry into the Canadian market in the video.