The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine; Istanbul, Turkey on July 21-22, 2022

The CUCC has partnered with The International Trade Council to support the upcoming Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine, to be held in Istanbul, Turkey on July 21 and 22, 2022.

This 2-day, in-person, 1000+ attendee summit is set to be the most important and influential forum of international decision-makers, focused on rebuilding Ukraine, reorganizing regional and global supply chains, addressing global food security issues, and ensuring the economic continuity of Ukraine, the broader region, and the world.

This unprecedented event will bring together multiple Heads of State, minister-level decision-makers from across Europe, the United States, and Asia, Fortune 500 CEOs, large and medium-sized investors, and other stakeholders from around the world. The 21st and 22nd of July, in Istanbul, represent the first of a broader series of landmark economic forums to be held around the world, including New York, London, Singapore, and elsewhere; addressing the greatest global reorganization of the world economy since the Marshall Plan.

“We are privileged to be working with CUCC to ensure that the best companies from <YOUR JURISDICTION> will have access to this unprecedented opportunity to learn, first-hand, about the development and investment projects coming up in Ukraine and the region, as well as the opportunity to network with top-level decision-makers from Ukraine, and around the world, who will all be joining us, in-person, in Istanbul on July 21st and 22nd, for what is poised to be the most important economic development event in recent history,” notes Ms. Ranjani Rangan, Board Member and Media Communications Lead, International Trade Council.

The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine represents a unique and unparalleled level of access and exposure to the world’s leading thought, political, and business leaders; and CUCC is pleased to be actively working with the International Trade Council (ITC) on this vital international initiative. As the ITC’s partner in <YOUR JURISDICTION>, those who are interested in attending this groundbreaking event are encouraged to reach out to CUCC to enquire about ticketing availability and other supporting opportunities, both paid and free.


Further information about The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine can be found at For additional information on the current economic issues surrounding the war in Ukraine, and its impact on international supply chains and food security; and to engage with both public and private sector stakeholders on these issues, please explore, which has been developed by the International Trade Council under the auspices of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


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