Ukrainian start-up Passivdom can build a house measuring a little over 35 square metres in around eight hours. This feat is primarily due to the use of a 3D printer, which prints out the roof, the floor and walls 20 centimetres thick in next to no time.

Three models of ready-made houses

Layer after layer, the printer – located in factories in Ukraine and in California, USA – churns out the parts of the house that are made of carbon fibre, polyurethane, resin, basalt fibre and fibre glass. Doors, windows, electrical goods, an alarm, solar panels and the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems then have to be installed by a tradesman, Business Insider reports.

Passivdom offers three models of ready-made houses, but can also make personalised versions. The basic models are delivered without furniture, while the premium houses on the other hand are equipped with a few shelves and a fitted kitchen, as well as a sofa bed or actual bed.

The latter are indispensable, as the houses do not have bedrooms. They are made up of one room that is a little over 35 m2 with a small kitchen and bathroom, and large windows with a view.

Autonomous and mobile

Once built, the houses are perfectly autonomous and mobile. The electricity comes from a battery which stocks solar energy. Running water meanwhile comes from the ambient humidity and is then filtered (though the occupiers can fill the tank directly with their own water). The buildings also have an independent recycling system for waste water.

“We ought to be able to live out among nature, far from civilisation, while still enjoying the comforts of a traditional house,” says Maria Sorokina, head of marketing for Passivdom. “This technology enables us to live out in the woods, in the mountains or by the coast, far away from other people and infrastructure.” The smallest model of Passivdom house sells for around 32,000 euros.

The houses can be pre-ordered in Ukraine and in the USA, and the first models should be delivered before the end of the year.


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